Local Policies to Reduce Residential Waste: Are They Effective? Evidence from Wallonia
Iman Salem  1@  
1 : Gautier Axel

Municipalities in the region of Wallonia in Belgium dispose of several tools
to control and induce the decrease of residential solid waste. By 2015, 100%
of the municipalities had a marginal pricing and the price is determined according
to the unit based pricing system in place. Residual waste is collected
at the curbstone in bags and households pay according to the volume of the
bag or in containers where household pay according to the volume of the container
or its weight or both volume and weight . With a recent panel data set of
seven years from 2009 to 2015, we use a fixed effect model to assess the impact
of marginal prices and the effect of the different unit based pricing systems on
the demand for residential solid waste. Our results show that higher prices
are associated with lower demand for residential waste, and that container-weight
based systems lead on average to lower quantities of waste disposed
in comparison with the bag-volume system.

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