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Home Energy Efficiency Investments in Response to Energy Price Variations: Evidence from France
Paul-Hervé Tamokoue Kamga  1@  , Matthieu Glachant  2, *@  
1 : Mines ParisTech  (ENSMP)  -  Site web
ministère de l'économie et des finances publiques
60, boulevard Sait-Michel, 75006 Paris -  France
2 : Mines-Paristech
MINES ParisTech - École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris
* : Auteur correspondant

This paper studies the effect of an increase in energy prices on home energy efficiency investments. Relying on French micro panel data, we find that a 10% increase of the expected heating fuel price increases the odds of investing in home energy efficiency by 5%. If we restrict to investments in heating renovation, the overall investment expenditures would then increase by 27% in France. These results suggest that energy taxation could substantially stimulate residential energy retrofits.

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