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Overcoming Obstacles to Innovation: Can Environmental Management Practices help ?
Amira Bouziri  1, *@  , Sanja Pekovic  2@  
1 : Ecole Supérieure de la Statistique et de lÁnalyse de lÍnformation
6,rue des métiers-Charguia II -2035- Tunisie -  Tunisie
2 : Montenegro
* : Auteur correspondant

Whereas the majority of research on environmental management practices explores its relationship with innovation performance, this chapter investigates whether those practices can help firms to overcome innovation obstacles. More precisely, the purpose of our article is to empirically investigate the relationship between environmental management practices and three types of innovation obstacles i.e. cost obstacles, knowledge obstacles and market obstacles. The model is tested on a sample of French firms and finds that the adoption of environmental practices reduces significantly cost and knowledge obstacles to innovation but has no significant effect on market obstacles. This study advances research on innovation performance improvement by emphasizing the important role of environmental management practices in overcoming obstacles to innovation.

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