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Water quantity management in a heterogeneous landscape with strategic farmers
Anne-Sarah Chiambretto  1@  , Elsa Martin  1@  
1 : centre d'économie et de sociologie appliquées à l'agriculture et aux espaces ruraux  (CESAER)
Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA) : UMR1041

Agricultural production contributes to many environmental problems. In semi-arid areas, agri- cultural irrigation causes the so-called waterlogging phenomena. This phenomena is both spatial and dynamic since percolations depends on soil quality summed up in landscape heterogeneity and evolves along time. Furthermore, farmers can develop strategies with respect to their con- tribution to percolation. We study regulation schemes to be implemented to restore the socially optimal spatial and temporal production plan of farmers in such a context. We show that the error made when implementing a fiscal scheme designed for myopic farmers whereas they are strategic does not always increase with the degree of heterogeneity of the landscape.

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