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The impacts of climate change on European agriculture revenue: weather vs climate data
Jaune Vaitkeviciute  1, 2, *@  , Elsa Martin  3@  , Raja Chakir  1@  
1 : UMR Economie Publique, INRA - AgroParisTech
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique - INRA (FRANCE), AgroParisTech
16 rue Claude Bernard, F-75231 PARIS CEDEX 05 -  France
2 : UMR CESAER, INRA - Agrosup Dijon - Univ. UBFC
Agrosup Dijon, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique - INRA (FRANCE)
26 bd Docteur Petitjean, BP 87999, 21079 DIJON Cedex, FRACE -  France
3 : Agrosup Dijon
Agrosup Dijon
* : Auteur correspondant

Climate change is now an evidence IPCC2014. Less obvious is the quantification of the impacts on economic indicators whereas it is the main driver of international awareness. We compare in this paper the impacts of long-run climate and short-run weather variations on the economic profitability of agriculture in Europe. This comparison is made within a spatial panel econometric framework that explains the temporal and spatial variability of agricultural revenues. Our econometric model takes into account both the non-observable individual heterogeneity of the EU (FADN) regions and the spatial auto-correlation between these regions. We use our estimation results to calculate the marginal impacts of climate and weather variations on agricultural revenues. Our results show that weather indicators should be preferred into revenue function estimations when measuring climate change impacts. 

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